World-Leading Software Publishing Portal Achieves Stable 30% Programmatic Display Revenue Uplift In The First-Price Auction World.


Building bridges between people and technology, is a software and app discovery portal that helps over 100 million global users locate and download the right softwares easily and securely. Supported by ads for more than 120 million download queries and billions of search queries monthly, operates an aggressive and sophisticated digital advertising landscape managed by a dedicated in-house team of ad operation experts. The team is known for leveraging external ad tech solutions to develop exceptional monetization synergy, and is constantly seeking new potentials to push the ad revenue even further. has been working with Yieldbooster® since December, 2019 - right after Google's full transition to first price auctions, and has ever since achieved a sustained 30% programmatic display ad revenue uplift leveraging Yieldbooster®’s powerful auction intelligence.

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Yieldbooster® is one-of-a-kind yield optimization solution technology. Their powerful auction intelligence technology has dramatically increased Softonic overall yield by optimizing advertising inventory in the first price auction environment. Yieldbooster continutes to help us increase revenue growth to reach  our aggressive digital advertising goals.

Frederic Delga
Digital Advertising Director
Conventional approaches don’t work anymore. Publishers need a next-level auction intelligence.

After Google’s transition to the first price auction, floor pricing optimization is more important than ever but becomes much more difficult. The experts in soon realized that their conventional optimization solution partners which worked in second price auctions are no longer effective in first price auctions due to the imbalance of computation capabilities between the sell side and the buy side.

In first price auctions, floor pricing optimization needs to be advanced to the next level with better methodologies, more delicate pricing segmentation, and smarter algorithms in order to effectively counteract the buy-side bid shading intelligence. After Google’s transition, having witnessed the staggered performance from its former optimization solution partner, the Softonic team was soon out in the search of a new solution partner to help secure its revenue growth momentum.

Achievements has been working with Yieldbooster® since December, 2019.
30% Programmatic Display Ad Revenue Uplift

Working with Yieldbooster®, achieves a stable 30% programmatic display ad revenue uplift in a fully automated manner. With our industry-leading bid landscape forecasting technology, Yieldbooster® has been able to predict the revenue-maximizing floor prices dynamically to each Softonic traffic granularity at a specific period of time.

Real-time A/B Testing

Yieldbooster®’s auction intelligence works complementarily on top of the monetization accomplishments by the Softonic experts and has delivered significant revenue uplift for the traffic granularities that are under-performing. Yieldbooster®’s real-time A/B testing performance evaluation mechanism has also been audited by the Softonic team to ensure a reliable simulation of the original traffic performance without the involvement of Yieldbooster® being generated.

100% Transparency

Though automated, the Softonic experts remain in full control and transparency over the optimization, and have gained great insights from the Yieldbooster® analytics, as all important performance metrics scattered across GAM reporting were consolidated into one centralized dashboard.

Neutral & Trustworthy

With Yieldbooster® being a pure sell-side auction intelligence for publishers,, same as all our publisher partners, can take full advantage of all Yieldbooster® powerful features without any concern or conflict of interests.

Yieldbooster® is the perfect complement to On top of the powerful solution, the team offers great consultancy across all aspects of our monetization strategy. Working with Yieldbooster® is a pleasure.

Xi Li
Director of Advertising
About Yieldbooster®

Yieldbooster®,  by Intowow, is a revenue technology solution that offers sell-side GAM auction intelligence & pricing for publishers. Powered by our bid landscape forecasting technology, Yieldbooster® is able to maximize your yield and counteract buy-side bid shading algorithms by precisely setting up auction floor prices to the finest pricing granularities. Besides being the only solution to perform this function in a 1st price auction, Yieldbooster® is also the most effortless solution to adopt with our code-free design and fully automated operation, allowing publishers to focus entirely on more strategic revenue related tasks. Located in New York and Taipei, Intowow Yieldbooster® is trusted globally by more than 100 publishers across 20 markets.

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