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The League of Legends USA Champion Achieves Steady 40% Ad Revenue Uplift Despite Challenging Times.


Not just the League of Legends North America Champion, TSM is also the most valuable esports company that offers playing analysis and training sessions for players around the world. Supported by ads for more than 3 billion global ad requests monthly, The TSM network of sites including its core digital product, Blitz.gg, is strong and complex, managing demand sources across direct advertisers, header bidders, Google AdExchange, Open Bidding, and in-house promotion campaigns.

Working with Yieldbooster®, TSM has reached record highs in ad revenue performance while its competitors and media counterparts have staggered during this difficult time.

North America
League of Legend Champion
Top 1
Forbes Most Valuable
Esports Company
$410 M
Market Value
10 M
Monthly Active User
2.8 B
Monthly Ad Requests

"Yieldbooster® is exactly what TSM needs. The adoption was code-free and the operation was completely automatic, allowing us to focus entirely on strategic work while enjoying solid 40% ad revenue uplift."

Jeffrey Mayer
VP, Programmatic
Ad auction dynamics have gone beyond human optimization.

After Google's transition to first price auction, revenue optimization requires more complicated floor price planning to tackle buyers' bid shading algorithm. The TSM team soon realized that for floor pricing to be effective, they had to advance the strategy from basic inventory granularities to nearly impression-level pricing segmentation, which was beyond the capacity of manual ad operations team work.

Having to manage across the already-complicated ad stack with limited human resources, the TSM team was seeking a strong auction intelligence solution partner to help tackle the auction dynamics and fortify TSM’s programmatic revenue top line, allowing the team to focus strategically on traffic acquisition, programmatic sales strategy, and brand safety.

TSM × Yieldbooster® Achievements
40% Google Ad
Revenue Uplift
0 Integration &
Operation Effort
0% Code Changed
100% Neutrality &
Exceptional Service
TSM has been working with Yieldbooster® since November, 2019.

Working with Yieldbooster®, TSM enjoyed a stable 40% ad revenue uplift. Yieldbooster®’s auction technology has constantly been able to predict the revenue-maximizing floor prices for the TSM traffic, achieving the optimal balance between ad sell-through rate and eCPM under first price auction.

The code-free adoption and the automated operation of Yieldbooster® eliminated all floor pricing optimization efforts which would have placed a heavy burden on the TSM team. Though effortless, the TSM team remained in full control and transparency over the optimization, and benefited hugely from Yieldbooster®'s analytics, as all important performance metrics scattered across GAM reporting were consolidated into one centralized dashboard.

With Yieldbooster® being a pure optimization solution for publishers, the TSM team, same as all our publisher partners, can take full advantage of all Yieldbooster® powerful features without any concern or conflict of interests.

"The Yieldbooster® service is highly professional and responsive. Besides the powerful solution, the team offers great consultancy across all our monetization needs."

Derek Bui
VP, Advertising Revenue & Product
About TSM

TSM is an elite, holistic gaming brand composed of championship esports teams, world-class influencers, and gaming strategy platforms that level up the casual player all the way to the professional. A platform of champions, TSM seeks to provide maximum value through the competitive excellence of its teams and the creation of exciting, educational, and entertaining content that deliver the ultimate esports and gaming fan experience. For more: tsm.gg

About Blitz

Blitz is TSM’s core digital product, is a data-driven statistics and coaching platform that allows users all over the world to access the best builds, learn the best champions, and get insights into how to improve. Much like the data revolution in baseball (aka Moneyball), esports is experiencing the same phenomenon. In addition to offering personalized stats, analytics, and automated coaching to improve anyone’s performance, Blitz is used by TSM’s professional team to scout and train talent. Blitz and TSM digital gaming sites provide one of a kind advertising opportunities for brands trying to engage the hard to reach core gaming audience.

About Yieldbooster®

Yieldbooster®, by Intowow, is a revenue technology solution that offers sell-side GAM auction intelligence & pricing for publishers. Powered by our bid landscape forecasting technology, Yieldbooster® is able to maximize your yield and counteract buy-side bid shading algorithms by precisely setting up auction floor prices to the finest pricing granularities. Besides being the only solution to perform this function in a 1st price auction, Yieldbooster® is also the most effortless solution to adopt with our code-free design and fully automated operation, allowing publishers to focus entirely on more strategic revenue related tasks.

Located in New York and Taipei, Intowow Yieldbooster® is trusted globally by more than 100 publishers across 20 markets.

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