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Despite Google's transition to first price auction and the global Covid-19 pandemic, Yieldbooster is effective as always, now generating in average 43% revenue uplift for publishers. We fight together with you and secure your Google Ad Revenue throughout difficult times.


revenue uplift in average across all publishers since April 2020.


more websites have been using Yieldbooster since January 2020.


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Trusted By The World

Yieldbooster is trusted globally by premium news publishers, social platforms, tech and educational media, and many more publishers like you.









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No Uplift,
No Charge.
No Risk.

Yieldbooster adopts the scientifically justified Real-Time A/B Testing methodology to evaluate performance, and charges 30% of only the INCREASED REVENUE that we help you generate.

Unreliable Before-and-After Comparison

Fixed CPM Fee

Monthly Minimum Charge

Secure, Neutral and Trustworthy.

Think of Yieldbooster as your secure and powerful in-house optimization intelligence. We do not bring external demand sources, do not involve in Google's payments, and optimize only your existing Google Ad Exchange and Open Bidding demand, directly in your own Google Ad Manager account.

Transparent and Auditable.

All Yieldbooster performance data is reported directly on Google Ad Manager reporting with 100% auditability. We also provide a comprehensive dashboard which securely synchronizes performance data from Google Ad Manager in real-time, saving you lots of trouble from back and forth direct queries, and giving you full control and transparency during our optimization.

Code Free and No Effort.

The adoption is code-free and requires less than 30 minutes to onboard. Yieldbooster automates the daily optimization hassle with our army of intelligent robots, letting you sit back, enjoy the revenue uplift, and focus your resources on more important tasks.

Seeing is Believing

Sounds too good to be true? Let us show it to you. Get started now to enjoy your first month free of charge, during which you keep 100% of the increased revenue, with no risk and no obligation.

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See at least 35% revenue uplift in your Google Ad Manager

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