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4 reasons you should try Yieldbooster Prime

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1. Market Proven Performance

Enjoy at least 30% revenue lift

Yieldbooster intelligence works against Bid Shading algorithm in first-price auction, and achieves the most significant Google revenue uplift in the market.

Uplift revenue for at least 30%

2. Instant Setup, Code Free

setup under 30 minutes with no code

You don’t need to integrate codes on web pages. The adoption is completely code free, secure, and within 30 minutes.

Sit back and enjoy at least 30% revenue uplift from Google Ad Exchange and Open Bidding partners after the engineering-free adoption.

10 minute setup with no code needed

3. Google Policy Compliant

100% built upon gam features

Yieldbooster Prime operates only with the official Google Publisher Tag (GPT) Library and the Google Ad Manager API, and is 100% compliant to Google's rules and standards.

Built upon
gam features
Built upon GAM features

4. Transparent and Fair Pricing

100% auditable in gam

No uplift, no charge. No other fee required.

Yieldbooster Prime only takes a cut from your revenue uplift as our service fee. You keep 70% out of the uplifted revenue. Only when we help you grow can we deserve the credit.

All performance data is collected via Google Ad Manager API, and each metric can be easily restored on your GAM Reporting console to give you full confidence and transparency.

auditable on
google ad manager
Transparent charging

The Fairest Performance Evaluation

To ensure a trustworthy and unbiased evaluation, we adopt "Real-time A/B Testing" methodology to measure optimization performance.

Yieldbooster Prime
Real-time A/B Testing

Randomly assign traffic into 2 groups, optimized and unoptimized, to compare each performance in real time.


With real-time a/b testing traffic tagging, we can show you in real time how much you would have originally earned and how much you are earning now with Yieldbooster Prime.

This is scientifically the fairest comparison in the market.

Before-and-After Comparison

Compares the optimized performance in the current period against the performance from the past.


Before-and-After comparison can be drastically biased due to the ever-changing demand and supply dynamics, and takes credit for organic growth in ad revenue that is totally irrelevant to the optimization.

You're charged by ambiguous performance.

What our customers say

“Yieldbooster helped double our Google Adx revenue in a very short amount of time. Intowow's solution is easy to deploy and their team is very responsive and helpful.”

Headshot of Ben Perry SVP of Monetization of Mocospace
Ben Perry
SVP of Monetization

“I would highly recommend Yieldbooster. The deployment is painless and the performance results are sustainable. Yieldbooster makes life easier and save lots of extra work.”

Headshot of Susan Wang Lead of Corporate Business of Line Corp
Susan Wang
Lead of Corporate Business
Line Corp

“What I really like about Yieldbooster is the significant results. Our revenue from Google Adx has consistently increased by more than 45% each month. Everything is transparent and easy to track.”

Headshot of Eric Tse Senior Director of Digital Business Center of China Times Media Group
Eric Tse
Senior Director of Digital Business Center
China Times Media Group

“Yieldbooster has helped us improve Google Adx revenue by as much as 87%. The plug-and-play optimization tool has allowed us to enjoy growth without adoption headaches."

Headshot of Eric Tse Senior Director of Digital Business Center of China Times Media Group
David Tung
Director of Sales Division

“We have enjoyed sustained revenue growth of +80% over the life of our subscription. Adding Yieldbooster to our monetization strategy is the best decision we’ve made in years.”

Headshot of iCook CTO Richard Lee
Richard Lee

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Yieldbooster Prime offers a free trial period. You get all the revenue uplift with nothing to lose.

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A popular online chatting platform for people all around the world.
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A popular website for people to share and search for cooking recipes.
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