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adexchanger awards
2021 AdExchanger Awards Honorable Mention
Best Early Stage Technology Company
digiday awards
2021 Digiday Technology Awards Finalist
Best Sell-Side Programmatic Platform
adexchanger awards
2021 Digiday Technology Awards Finalist
Best Monetization Platform for Publishers
adexchanger awards
2021 Digiday Awards Finalist
Most Innovative Technology Platform
“Bid shading is a challenge for publishers. We’re glad to work with Intowow and secure a stable 25% programmatic revenue uplift with their algorithms.”
Chris Please
Head of Digital & 3rd Party Advertising, Rightmove

Bid Shading.

A new revenue challenge
for publishers.

Intowow performs floor prices optimization to tackle buyer bid shading. Our algorithm ingests both short-term and long-term buyer behavior data, and helps publishers achieve better yields while securing reasonable media savings for buyers.

Want to learn more about bid shading? Check out our column on AdExchanger.
revenue growth
compatible with
the publisher existing ad structure
global publishers adopting our service
“The powerful Intowow auction intelligence has dramatically increased Softonic overall yield in first-price auctions. The team continues to help us increase revenue growth and reach our aggressive digital advertising goals.
Frederic Delga
Director of Digital Advertising,
“Intowow helps streamline my entire programmatic operations. With Intowow, I can focus on more strategic tasks, and entrust the team and their powerful technology with the optimization.”
Ash Barnett
Programmatic Manager, Rightmove

Let our Robots
work with you.

Our machine learning algorithm clusters your traffic into finer segments and computes optimum floor prices for each segment down to each hour. With our technology, publishers can focus human resources on long-term strategic projects while achieving the quarterly revenue targets.

200x more optimization granularities
than common strategies
Up to 100,000 total price floor
iterations per hour
24/7 optimization by our
intelligent robots
"Intowow is exactly what TSM needs as a partner. The technical adoption was code-free and the operation was completely automatic, allowing us to focus entirely on strategic work while enjoying solid 40% ad revenue uplift."
Jeffrey Mayer
Vice President, Programmatic, TSM

Introducing Intowow Analytics.
Better insight,
More opportunities.

Powered by our optimization algorithm, Intowow Analytics further consolidates inventory, OpenRTB,
and buyer opportunities, and brings publishers' programmatic journey to the next level. With more data
and better insights, we help leaders like you make data-informed decisions and unlock further growth.

“Intowow is the perfect complement to On top of the powerful solution, the team offers great consultancy across all aspects of our monetization strategy. Working with Intowow is a pleasure.
Xi Li
Director of Advertising,
"Intowow service is highly professional and responsive. Besides the powerful solution, the team offers great consultancy across all our monetization needs."
Derek Bui
Vice President, Advertising Revenue & Product, TSM
Powered by 150+ billion daily optimization results
One dashboard
consolidating all that matters
24-hour insight refresh interval

Charge By Uplift.
Publisher grows, then Intowow grows.

Despite our holistic services, we take a cut only from the increased programmatic revenue attributed to our algorithm. No CPM fees, no total revenue share, no fixed costs. We grow as your business truly grows.

“Intowow is exactly the partner that we’ve been searching for. We were always aware of the limits of human operations team and wanted to have a breakthrough, but it was impossible to find a technical solution partner that could transcend the limits, and at the same time was robust, Google-compliant, neutral, and above all, significantly effective.”
Susan Wang
Head of Sales, LINE Taiwan

Our mission is to drive overall success for publishers in programmatic advertising.

Our technologies help publishers optimize programmatic revenue, identify opportunities with data insights that matter, and help publisher leaders make better decisions.

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